Parent-Teacher Support Group


We are proud to announce that the Kenton City School district has been selected to participate in the SPDG Parent-Teacher Partnership Project. This SPDG grant/action plan is new for the state of Ohio, but offers a great collaboration between the district, teachers, and parents who have a child or children with disabilities.

What is The Parent-Teacher Partnership Training: Learning Together program is intended to lead to changes in parent and teacher knowledge , attitudes and dispositions necessary to establish and maintain effective parent-teacher relationships for the purpose of improving student outcomes. More specifically, the goal is to focus on strategies for facilitating a partnership approach to all types of parent-teacher interactions including IEP development. The focus will be to explore:

  • the impact on the family of having a child who has a disability,

  • strategies for developing partnerships and collaborative relationships with families and teachers, and

  • legislative mandates for working with families of children with disabilities

Who should attend: Teachers and parents of children with a disability from KCS are invited to participate TOGETHER in 4 Learning Together sessions during the school year. If you are interested in joining with parent-teacher support group or would like in more information, please contact:

State Support Team #6

Chelsea Hoelzle
419-673-7248 ext. 1110
Kenton City Schools

For more information about the State Support Team #6, please see:

This group is made possible by Ohio’s State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG). For more information about this grant, please see:


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