Speech Language Pathologyidentify the signs

School Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) are professionals who work to screen, identify, evaluate, and remediate delays in communication. They provide school based services in coordination with educational teams in the areas of articulation, phonology, stuttering, voice, language, social communication, swallowing, and feeding, for children and students with disabilities, 3 to 21 years of age.  If you feel your child may benefit from a speech and language evaluation or screening, please contact the Special Education Office  at 419-673-0775 to set up an appointment.

Occupational Therapy

IMG_0388Occupational therapy is part of the education team within Kenton City Schools. The profession of occupational therapy is concerned with a person’s ability to participate in desired daily life activities or “occupations.” In the schools, occupational therapy practitioners use their unique expertise to help children to prepare for and perform important learning and school-related activities and to fulfill their role as students. In this setting, occupational therapy provides support for academic and non-academic outcomes, including social skills, math, reading and writing (i.e., literacy), behavior management, recess, participation in sports, self-help skills, pre-vocational/vocational participation, and more, for children and students with disabilities, 3 to 21 years of age. Practitioners are particularly skilled in facilitating student access to curricular and extracurricular activities through supports, designing and planning, and other methods. Additionally, they play a critical role in training parents, other staff members, and caregivers regarding educating students with diverse learning needs.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is the treatment of physical dysfunction or injury by the use of therapeutic exercise and the application of modalities, intended to restore or facilitate normal function or development. In the educational model of service delivery, treatment focuses on the ability of a student to function within the educational day with goals of service directly related to the student’s education.

If you are interested in referring a student for an occupational or physical therapy evaluation, please contact the Special Education Office at 419-673-0775 to set up an appointment.


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